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January-February, 2010

Haiti’s Watch! #24

Dear beloved Brethren and Pastors: I almost never write again if it were not for the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Who wanted to spare me and mine, He truly spare a wicked three story building, I said wicked because of what was going on in that building by the UN soldiers. I had been in Port-au-Prince for three days prior to the earth quake disaster that buried 200,000 or more; 250,000 injured and more than a million homeless. Before I even start brethren, how you well? May our Lord favors you.

As I was in a three story hotel building, rented by most of the U.N. soldiers the disaster hit. I was there to preach on Sunday the 10th of January and had a few others appointments also. It was a goodly fair weather day and no warning sign of anything whatsoever. At 4:00 pm I felt the urge to pray, which is not my usual praying time; I went to my knees and started praying. I felt asleep on my face. When I awoke the quake started at 5:00 or 4:55 and lasted for seven seconds. I grabbed my wife and my little boy, then continued in prayer until the quake stopped. Brethren, I have never heard nor felt such a terrible vibration before as this one was. It was like the madness of a destroying planet. It was like the earth is saying no to us who are living upon it and is ready to spew us out. When I came out on the front patio upstairs, some folks called me out of the building, my wife and I and my baby: we were the only three people in the whole building the all time of the quake. The security and the UN soldiers were already way out on the grass. They were telling me the wave of the building to collapse. The same night, the quake hit a few more times but mildly. For nine days the Haitians have been feeling it mildly every day and few times a day. Nobody wants to stay inside of the house anymore, they want to stay outside. In Port-au-Prince we slept the couple first nights outside in the car but when my little boy Paul Veach started to get ill, I drove in the midst of the dead bodies and blocked streets to take the boy to the south, the mosquitoes hurt him so bad. Eventhough I did not have enough fuel to get to the house but I prayed, and half way to the south the Lord had reserved me a three gallons of fuels to take us there. I spent the whole next day to the quake working in a hospital, being the mediator between an American doctor to the broken patients, and the broken patients to the doctors and the nurses. I have seen it all brethren, then I cried to the Lord of lords, He is God Almighty and nothing can resist in his presence. Some guys dropped a young lady on the floor and she would not moved her leg, she said that her hip is broken, I prayed for her before the doctors arrived by late afternoon she leaned on someone to walk, I shouted praise God. Between the hundreds of patients we saw for the day we only lost one boy of ten years old that day because his head got hurt very bad. Port-au-Prince is so decompose with the swell bodies that are ready to explode. They always talk about rebuilding of Haiti, but God has giving them an opportunity to do it. That same day of the quake, two-three hours after the main quake, while much is buried under the rubble, the voodoo temples started to call on the devils. While many were buried in the Caribbean market under the rubble, the robbers went on top of them to rob. They broke in to banks and private houses, robbing. While people are sleeping in the streets, they are being molested by gangs. We are a bunch of animals, Eccl. 3:18. From what I saw, the prophecy is not even being touched, Haiti is in big trouble. I hope we repent that we might void His wrath. For two years we have been on TV, radio warning the people; now much neglectors are saying we are a truth program on the TV, we wanted to warn the whole country, but we never had the opportunity to do so. Pastor Gary and Church, may the Lord bless you forever for allowing Him to warn and to judge. Pastor Veach also and the Brethren who gave out fifty thousand tracts. One thing we know, we are a testimony to the nation, which will stand before God and say they never knew. That thing testified to the whole nation as the power of God and many unsaved said so too. Every government building went down including the governing palace (white house). The main cathedral went down with the house of the lords and the priests, they all got killed. Three days after I came back home my baby got better thank God, but I got some trouble, both my hands got swells, my lips, my body got reacted to the smells and my belly got something very strange going thru it. By the grace of God after four days of it, I am getting somewhat better.

There will be an evangelical movement in Port-Au-Prince I do not want to miss it. Much people put God out of the picture and talking about natural catastrophic; the Bible says in II Cor. 4: 4 “In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” American and the UN are talking about reconstruction now, which might take the next ten years, but our worthless president mention twenty five years. But the reconstruction of this country will need some King James 1611 churches standing in the midst of all to appease the wrath of God, while the people may find a chance to get save, (we need your help to plant a solid church in Port-Au-Prince) for this is not yet over Brethren. This country went too far and the wrath of God is not yet complete. Two days before the thing I was preaching in Port-Au-Prince telling the People that the Lord is fuming. I asked them could I go for another forty five minutes, they scream it is too long. Two days after, they were available for a ten day message, because they have no other place to go. My wife forgot my shoes while making our luggage. I had no shoes. It’s a long drive to Port-Au-Prince I drove with sandals, on Sunday morning everything is closed, a brother took me to a poor open market to get shoes and I called the church to say “I found some unloved shoes and I am coming to preach. The title was “cannibalism and hard life.” Brethren, blessings are yours. Watch with us!

In His love in grace

Maurice Lapierre