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Printing Ministry
Grieved by the increasing difficulty of finding Bible publishers who honored the word of God, the Lord laid it on the hearts of some men in our church to take matters into our own hands. Thus, the Print Shop was born. Believing that the local church is God’s ordained vehicle for publishing his word, we watched as the Lord honored our prayers and not only blessed us with equipment but also a man who was willing to take the oversight of this important ministry. With Brother Chris Menella at the helm, we have printed thousands of gospel tracts for use at home and abroad and copies of John and Romans in our language and others. Our vision is to ultimately print and publish an entire King James Bible! What an honor! The Bible says, “The Lord gave the word,” and we count it a privilege to be among that “great company” of “those that published it!” (Ps 68:11)

We currently produce and print a variety of tracts in several languages for use in the gospel ministry. Please email us at if you are interested in ordering any of these materials.