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Discipleship I- New Beginings

I. Your Relationship To The Lord

Lesson 1: Salvation
Lesson 2: Eternal Security
Lesson 3: The Word of God
Lesson 4: The Holy Spirit
Lesson 5: Quiet Time
Lesson 6: Prayer

II. Your Relationship To The Family of God

Lesson 7: Baptism
Lesson 8: The Will of God
Lesson 9: Dealing with Sin
Lesson 10: Other Christiands
Lesson 11: The Local Church

III. Your Relationship To The World

Lesson 12: The Unsaved World
Lesson 13: Wealth and Worldly Goods
Lesson 14: My Job and Employer
Lesson 15: Liberty in Christ

IV. Your Relationship To The Work of Christ

Lesson 16:Giving
Lesson 17: Missions
Lesson 18: The Judgment Seat of Christ